The Real Deal Behind All The Positivity

You have been awesome. We know you support us, and we appreciate it. Incredibly so.

From initial shock, to awe and outpourings of words of support, and that golden social media currency of “Likes”, “Shares” and “Follows”. You, our friends family and supporters, have taken your time and even dug deep into your pockets to help make this seemingly wild dream a reality.


But we really need to level with you.

An ocean row is a monumental endeavour typically first glimpsed on the horizon no less than 2 years + out from launch date.

We had 6 months. That’s 24 weeks / 168 days / just over 10,000 minutes.

Count how quickly a minute passes…now imagine that in just ten thousand of these that you have to transition from complete ocean rowing rookie, to physically strong athlete & highly skilled seafarer, technically versed in the tiny 25ft row boat and the myriad of equipment she carries that your lives will depend on at sea… add to that: campaign manager, social media whiz, website developer, PR agent, community, charity and cause engager, recruiter, brand builder, and absolutely fundamental to the entirety of it, epic fundraiser.


Fundraising really is crucial to the entire success of everything we aim to achieve:


To be the very first crew of 3 (male or female) ever to row the mid-Pacific ocean.

More people have been to the Moon or climbed Everest than rowed an ocean. There are not many true world firsts remaining in this age of adventure, and as women to have the opportunity to be very first is even rarer. Participation in outdoor activities by women and girls is significantly lower than by men and boys, and within the realm of expeditions, history and records books, this is starkly evident. As 3 women of diverse backgrounds and experiences we stand to show that there is no set shape or form to determine success, no prerequisites or exclusions. With sheer determination and motivation, coupled with the incredible fortune of opportunity, anything can be accomplished by anyone.

To raise funds for Mind, the leading Mental Health charity in the UK.
To raise awareness of Plastic Pollution in our oceans, and champion easily implementable solutions at source.

“But it looks like its all going so well?”

The response when we describe just how difficult this fundraising task we have set ourselves truly is.

Our website is decorated with the logos of fantastic companies who see and recognise the incredible value in all that we stand for and aim to achieve. We have come an incredible way already in just 11 weeks. The positivity is all real, its happening.


But the surface is barely scratched. The cost of rowing an ocean is close to £80,000, and we aim to raise significantly more than this for our causes.

Whilst we and our boat are near fully kitted out in the essentials via product sponsorship, there are vast financial costs due imminently. The cannon signalling the race start may sound on June 2nd, but the cost of getting there is already incurred.

We have immense belief in the value of what we are doing, what we represent, what we stand to achieve not for ourselves but for a legacy of positive impact that we hope will continue to give long after our time on the oars has finished. We are absolutely dedicated to seeing this through. We are not just rowing

As a crew, we have and continue to personally commit every pound, dollar and shred of ourselves that we can to the row. But alone, we cannot achieve all that is possible. 


We Need Your Help, NOW.

1) Donations

If you so kindly wish to support us, and haven’t yet done so, now is the time and would mean the world to us.

It really is crunch time for Pacific Terrific.

To donate, please visit

2) Corporate Sponsorship
  • Could you be a corporate sponsor?
  • Could your company be a corporate sponsor?
  • Could you introduce us to anyone at your company or elsewhere who may wish to be a sponsor?
  • Could you share our story within your networks and spread the word in our search for sponsors?

See and share our corporate sponsorship pack here, and via


Thank you, for all that you have done and continue to do. You really are part of everything that we are striving to too.

The Pacific Terrific Crew x

Follow our journey to the start line at and on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter.

To donate and be part of our world record attempt see our Sponsorship page – we really appreciate your support, without which, we couldn’t make this happen. 

Donate £25 to sponsor a Pacific Terrific Ocean Mile – get a shout out as we row your mile(s)! £50 sponsors 2 miles and feeds a crew member for a day, and any donation of £100 or above will see your name on our boat – you will be with us as we cross the Pacific Ocean! 

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