Kipper Sailing are pleased to be training the crew of Pacific Terrific for their participation in the 2018 Great Pacific rowing race from Monterey, California to Honolulu, Hawaii.

Kipper Sailing teaches RYA Day Skipper and Yachtmaster Shorebased courses online. As of January 2018 they have trained over 2,500 students in 61 countries. 


The Pacific Terrific crew are pleased to wear Oakley Prizm Polarized sunglasses on the ocean. 


Expert physio treatments, fitness tests, sports massage & pilates in South East and West London. Gym membership, cycling, fitness classes and personal training in East Dulwich. Supporting the Pacific Terrific crew in their physical preparation for the Great Pacific Race.  


Providing the crew with travel hygiene products for the row.


Oxylent, a unique blend of high-quality essential nutrients, creates a synergistic environment through an effective vitamin powder, enabling the body to function at peak levels. The vital ingredients create the hydrating atmosphere our bodies crave to oxygenate, circulate, and rejuvenate cells for total well-being.


Bacchus Yachting & Sea School providing RYA Practical and Shorebased Courses for the crew of Pacific Terrific.

Recognised Training Centre at Haslar Marina, Gosport, offering both sail and power training as well as bespoke tuition and courses.


Delicious and nutritious dehydrated meals for outdoor pursuits. Fuelling the crew with main meals and a key part of the nutrition strategy of Pacific Terrific during their history making and record breaking row. #fuelledbyfirepot.


Shark deterrent technology for the everyday beachgoer, swimmer and surfer. Reduce the risk. Pledging 3% for shark & ocean conservation.




The Pacific Terrific crew are delighted to be kitted out for the row by BAM in their super soft, antibacterial, thermo-controlling, moisture wicking, UV protective and eco-friendly bamboo clothing.



World leaders in waterproof cases and waterproof bags for beach, boat and whatever life throws at you. 


ROWTEX provides rowing gloves for the crew to keep hands blister-free and warm. Soon, they will launch a wind- and water-proof rowing anorak.


The Pure, Healthy, Natural and Uncomplicated answer to Travel Sickness


Kōkua Sun Care Hawaiian Natural Zinc Sunscreen provides high performance broad spectrum protection using zinc oxide to provide a natural physical barrier to the sun’s UVA and UVB rays while deeply nourishing the skin with nutrient dense antioxidant Hawaii-grown botanicals.   Professionally formulated and manufactured for superior quality, our sunscreen goes on clear and smooth and will "kōkua" you from the mountains to the oceans and everywhere in between without harming the environment.


Armadillo Marino take pride in designing the world’s most advanced next-to-skin clothing for tactical operators and professionals operating in high risk environments.

Friends of Pacific Terrific can benefit from a very special 20% discount, automatically applied when you visit the website via the logo above, or use discount code "pacificterrific"


Roobar is organic, vegan, raw awesomeness with no added sugar and no gluten. Each bar is packed with superfoods to boost your body and mind with maximum nutrients. Simple and delicious, and a vital part of the Pacific Terrific crew nutrition strategy.


Providing audio books for the crew to listen to during long hours on the oars!


Sugar free mints and gum, keeping the crew's teeth healthy along the journey!


Thank you!