The World’s Ultimate Endurance Challenge

The Great Pacific Race, organised by New Ocean Wave, is the world’s ultimate endurance challenge. Ocean row boats of between two and four people compete against each other in the first and only rowing race on the Pacific.

The Great Pacific Race starts in June 2018 when teams from around the world will set out on a 2,400 mile journey across the world’s largest ocean from Monterey, California to Honolulu, Hawaii. This epic journey is expected to take between 30 and 80 days depending on the ability of the crew and the weather.

The Pacific Terrific Crew will achieve Two World Records in the process - setting a brand new world record as the first 3x crew in history, male or female, to row the Pacific Ocean, and breaking a world record as the youngest 3x ever to row any ocean on earth. There are opportunities to make and break many more too.

Each boat carries no sails or engines and is only moved by the muscle of the crew pulling on the oars.


Meet Danielle!

The fastest boat in the history of the Great Pacific Race, and the very one which will carry the Pacific Terrific crew across the ocean to Hawaii.

The crew will be rowing in the classic class 25ft ocean rowing boat 'Danielle'. Having won the past two editions of the Great Pacific Race, she currently holds the world record for the fastest crossing of the Pacific Ocean. At just 25ft the crew will live and row onboard 'Danielle' for the duration of the race, with one small cabin for storage at the bow of the boat, and one small cabin for accommodation at the stern.

The boat contains numerous pieces of electronic navigation kit, safety gear, and a water maker to allow the crew to desalinate sea water to drink. 

All food and equipment must be carried on the boat for the duration of the crossing, with the crew unable to accept anything from passing boats. Any equipment failure on the boat will have to be dealt with by the crew, alone, at sea. 


stokey new.2

"Stokey" Woodall is a well-known ocean sailor who has in 35 years made some 31 Trans-Atlantic crossings and amassed more than a quarter of a million sea miles. He is a highly respected teacher in celestial navigation and has sailed to the Azores some 89 times.

Having set up Britain's first Ocean Sailing School, past students include Ellen Macarthur, Emma Richards (around the world alone female sailors), the late Barbra Harmer (only female Concorde Captain), John Howard Davies (head of comedy for the BBC), Philippe Khann (inventor of the camera phone), Sir Alex Crampton Smith (world leading anaesthetist), Dr Wittingham (pioneer of ultra sound), Leven Brown, Matt Craigwell (Trans-Atlantic rowing record holders).

As a shore-based, yet absolutely integral member of the Pacific Terrific crew, Stokey will be weather routing our passage across the ocean.

What is Weather Routing?

Meet Jack!

We are thrilled to be working with Jack Tompkins of Southpaw Sport to produce a short documentary of our epic Pacific Ocean Row over the coming months!

Jack is a sports content producer. He started his career working for Seb Coe's London Sports Agency 'CSM', producing videos for global brands and working with many of his sporting ideals. He has spending the last three years pursuing exciting freelance opportunities and is now building his new sports content marketing company 'Southpaw Sport'. Always excited to discuss ideas for new projects, you can contact him at

Jack has been following the Pacific Terrific crew through our preparations for the start of the Great Pacific Race, and we'll be sharing some of Jack's brilliant previews and a taster of what to expect over on our youtube channel - subscribe to see more as they're released!

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