Can we finish this month? | Rowing the Pacific

We’re into week 5!!! You lose understanding of days out on the ocean. Time passes in 3 hour blocks, with a new day identified only by another sunrise. There is no morning or afternoon, you get some sleep when you can whether it is light or dark and similarly eat food when you can. It’s a strange concept but one that we have adapted to well.

We’ve finally found the start of the easterly winds and current and have been making great progress, only to have to slow down the last few days to let storm Fabio pass ahead of us and not get caught up in it. Frustrating but sensible to not row into a hurricane!! Daily life is much the same as always, row, sleep, eat, repeat – here’s a few of our favourite and least favourite things!

Favourite things
– Swimming in the Pacific – when else do you get to jump in the water and swim so far from land? Plus it’s nice to stretch and move your body in a way that isn’t rowing!! Thanks Sharkbanz for helping us feel a little bit safer from the sharks we know are out there!!
– Sunny days! These have been a little sparse but when we do get one morale is high, tanning occurs and I’m pretty sure the boat moves a lot faster!
– Phish – our friendly fish friend who lives under the boat and occasionally makes an appearance to see what dregs of food we have thrown over the side. Exciting news is that Phish has a friend that El spotted when cleaning the boat!
– Sunsets – we’ve had a grand total of zero good sunrises so far due to cloud cover but have had some good sunsets, the water goes through so many different colours as the sun sets it’s hard to not enjoy it!
– Oreos and Nutella. I’d highly recommend anyone who rows an ocean just takes these for food… food of champions and dreams!!

Least Favourite things
– waves. They soak you, usually about 5 mins before the end of the shift and are just a pain. Ocean, be calm!!
– Alarms. This means your 3 hours of rest are up and it’s time to go and row. During the day this isn’t a problem, but no one likes getting up at 2am after 2 hours sleep!!
– Hitting your head on everything and anything in the cabin due to… you’ve guessed it… WAVES.
– skin issues – pizza bum and blisters that don’t heal because they are constantly wet and salty. Sudocreme has become our best friend as have dry sunny days that gives them a chance to dry out!

Favourite soundtracks
– Glee – singalong central very loudly occurs on the oars (mainly Cazz and El admittedly)
– Megan has bit of a thing for a Reggaeton marathon. Think Latino bar music and your on the right track!
– Anything from the 80s, acoustic and happy/folkie music
– Musicals – Book of Mormon, wicked, legally blonde are our main choices and have all been successfully re-enacted many a time on the oars.

Favourite audiobooks/podcasts
– Learn Spanish… cazz is providing plenty of entertainment learning Spanish. Favourite phrase so far, I would like to reserve a table for dinner, but, I would like to know is it romantic? Yet to actually learn anything useful after 5 chapters…
– Richard Brandon’s latest autobiography. Obsessed.
– My Dad wrote a Porno podcast. Tear inducing laughing funny. If you haven’t listened to this already download it now!
– A whole range of sporting biographies (rich roll and Ben Bergeron are Cazz’s favourites so far).
– Don Jolly – scary monsters and super creeps.
– tough girl podcasts – so many inspiring women out there!!

Things we miss/talk about constantly
– FOOD. Cazz wants cucumber and hummus, Megan wants a caprese salad and beer, el wants basically everything that isn’t on the boat. Mainly a roast dinner, all the sandwiches, pastries and everything from the bakery!
– Beds… 2 of us in the stern cabin is a squeeze, sleeping bags are a bit damp, pillows and soft sheets sound like an absolute dream!
– walking… despite doing 12+ hours of rowing each a day we haven’t walked in over a month, our poor legs are feeling a bit left out!
– how much weight have we lost.. we are pretty sure we all look skinnier (which is good news given we had put on a combined total of roughly 30kg before we left). But exactly How much is a constant topic. I think the double chins have gone and the GPR jumpers are feeling looser…

Storm Fabio should be past us by Sunday, and then we can go back to rowing full speed… the question is, can we make it into Hawaii this month?!?!

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