And Then There Were Two…

Well we didn’t think we’d be writing this again….


Last week it looked like our row might have been over. We wouldn’t make the start line, we wouldn’t row to Hawaii and we wouldn’t get the chance to raise as much money for the charities and causes we are supporting. We also wouldn’t become the first crew of three to ever row the mid-Pacific.


Our emotions about it were all over the place, we’d put everything into this row over the past many, many months, from the early experience of being ejected out of a then newly formed crew on the grounds of limited flat water rowing expertise, followed by endless efforts trying to sort another crew. We’ve spent hours and hours training in the gym and on the water, building the Pacific Terrific team campaign, determined to make this row bigger than us and have the biggest positive impact possible for our causes. We weren’t prepared to fail this close to the start line, we felt that if we didn’t make it we were letting everyone down that had supported us, and worst of all, everyone who had told us we couldn’t do this would have been right.


What had happened? One of our crew stepped away with no warning due to unforeseen circumstances. One day we were a crew, the next day we weren’t. Communications went south and we were left in limbo. We were 8 weeks out from the start line with a huge amount of money still to raise, a boat that had been packed and was on the way to be shipped and no idea if we would even be in California to meet it. You put so much trust into people when you sign up for an adventure like this, you are responsible for each other’s lives when out on the boat, and you trust that you will all be on that start line together. All of our hard work and dreams could be over for the foreseeable future due to something completely out of our control.


But as someone said to me

There are people in the world who talk and there are people in the world who just do.

Thankfully, we are the latter, and in the world championships of stubbornness would be guaranteed a gold medal, so we started to make plans. We spoke to the race director and confirmed that worst case scenario we could row in a pair. In a boat designed to be rowed by four this wouldn’t be ideal, but it would be one hell of an adventure. There was no doubt about it, we were going to get to Hawaii. Ideally, we needed a third person, and we needed that third person fast. We’d had a reserve list of people who were interested in rowing so we crafted an email and sent it out, sure that these girls would have made other plans given the proximity of the start line. And then we sat there with fingers and toes crossed and waited. Well… waited in between sending sponsorship emails, doing yachtmaster offshore theory and lifting really heavy things.


What happened next made the last 9 months all worth it, there was more than one person who wanted to row, had complete belief in what we had worked so hard for, and was in a realistic position to become the missing piece of the Pacific Terrific puzzle. We have laughed, smiled, and felt more positivity in the last week than we have in months – it was never an option for either of us to stop and this situation has bought out the best in us. So stoked to say we are in the final stages of confirming our new crew member and Pacific Terrific is back on track. Keep your eyes peeled for the announcement imminently!!!


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Donate £25 to sponsor a Pacific Terrific Ocean Mile – get a shout out as we row your mile(s)! £50 sponsors 2 miles and feeds a crew member for a day, and any donation of £100 or above will see your name on our boat – you will be with us as we cross the Pacific Ocean! 



4 thoughts on “And Then There Were Two…”

  1. So do I take it you are down to Cazz, Megan and one other? Keep fighting ladies. Me and many others are following this each day. There are some people who follow the herd and only a very few who lead. I don’t think I need say which you two are!!

  2. Your determination knows no bounds ladies Grat to hear the trio is back on track and Team Pacific Terrifiv are ready to go
    Think you’re ntotally bonkers but with you all the way xx

  3. Megan, delighted to hear you’ve filled the gap. Keep at it, my thoughts are with you all.
    Rod xx

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