Hear Double Olympic Champion Dame Kelly Holmes' message of support for the Pacific Terrific crew in the video above!

Dame Kelly Holmes is an absolute inspiration to Pacific Terrific, for both incredible sporting achievements, but also tirelessly campaigning for charity and championing mental health awareness, and these words mean a great deal to us all!



"I am right behind the Pacific Terrific crew in their world-record breaking mission to cross the Pacific. With every stroke of their paddles they will leave behind a legacy of bold, brave women for the daughters of this world to look up to. Dig deep, girls!"

- Anna McNuff, inspirational adventurer, author, co-founder of Adventure Queens, former GB rower and European medallist, and official ambassador for the leading charity for girls and young women in the UK, Girlguiding. 


"So excited for you - what an incredible challenge rowing the Pacific Ocean will be. This is a journey and an experience of a lifetime, which will be over before you know it!! Enjoy every second of it! Have fun and know while you are rowing, you are inspiring even more women to take on their own challenges and go after their dreams!!! GOOD LUCK!!! xx"

Sarah Williams - UK


"So inspirational! Good luck with the training - looking forward to following your progress!"

Liz W - Australia

"Go Ladies! What an amazing feat you are taking on. Wishing you all the best in training and the event itself! Can't wait to hear and see all about it. Good Luck!"

Erin Mounsey - Switzerland


"I am in admiration and awe of you ladies for undertaking this challenge. Good luck ladies!!!"

Alexis W - Canada


"Ladies what can I say? I am in awe of what you are doing and will be following your journey from now until the finish avidly! You're an inspiration to all women and girls out there (including my 17 month old, who I can only hope grows up with as much grit and determination)! Especially proud of my pal Meg x"

Melissa G - UK


"Go Cazz and team! You ladies are an absolute inspiration to us all! All the best for training and the event! X"

Charmaine Tay - Singapore


"Such an inspiration to us all! Have a dream, make it a goal, take action and and MAKE IT HAPPEN! Phenomenal! I'm beyond excited to cheer you on and watch you achieve this spectacular goal!!!"

Leah Gaspar - US


"Best wishes to Cazz and the Pacific terrific crew from Auckland, New Zealand. What you are embarking on is awesome, ridiculous and inspirational all at once! Embrace every moment, I'll be supporting you all the way!"

Gareth Sandford - New Zealand

"Go go go crew Pacific Terrific! I’m so in awe of you girls and think you’re taking on an amazing challenge. I know you’ll do it (and smash that record!). Good luck with the training. xxx"

Kate Wyatt - UK


"You girls are inspiring! Such an amazing effort by you all! It’s been amazing following your journey so far and I cannot wait to keep following it! So excited for you all! It’s such an incredible thing you’re all doing! Wishing you all the very best of luck! Keep training hard, but most of all enjoy every minute of it! Xxx"

Taigan Evans - Australia


"You ladies are a complete inspiration. I'm so excited and in awe of the adventure that's ahead of you but have no doubt that with your tenacity, unwavering strength, positivity and ambition you will make it all the way. We'll be right behind you! Xxx"

Rachel Levett - UK


“Let perseverance be your engine and hope your fuel” H.Jackson Brown Jr

Charlotte Lander - UK


"I still can't quite believe you're doing this....I've said it before and I'll say it again...you girls are crazy, but an inspiration to everyone. I've witnessed the trials and tribulations you've already had to face and I've seen how you've overcome them with such dignity. You are all going to smash the world records and show other women, around the globe, what can be achieved with hard work and determination! I am so unbelievably proud of you all and to be able to call Cazz my friend is just amazing! Even though this is a challenge I couldn't face (I like my sleep too much lol) I am in 'OAR' 😉 of you all. You girls are just fantastic...now go smash it and most importantly ENJOY....xxxxx"

Gemma Landers - UK