"Why Row An Ocean?" - Three women, two world records, one boat

A film by Jack Tompkins & Southpaw Sport.

Winner of 'Best In Festival' at the Four Seasons Film Festival

In the summer of 2018 three novice rowers set off from California attempting to cross the Pacific Ocean and arrive in Hawaii powered only by their oars.

This film explores how these self-proclaimed “everyday women” were able to achieve this extraordinary feat, becoming multiple world record holders in the process.

The crew shares their story, the crests and falls of both the preparation and the treacherous journey itself before concluding by sharing with us the life-changing lessons they learned from their 62 days at sea, in their 25 foot rowing boat “Danielle”.


On August 8th 2018, Megan, Cazz & Eleanor rowed into Waikiki Yacht Club after 62 days, 18 hours, & 36 minutes unsupported at sea.

After experiencing hurricanes, storms, huge winds & waves, Pacific Terrific took 2nd place in The Great Pacific Race, The World's Ultimate Endurance Challenge, & in the process achieved 2 Guinness World Records.

See how the action unfolded through our Vlogs from the Ocean 


Dare to Dream

The all-female Pacific Terrific crew were brought together by a common dream - to be the first crew of three in history to row the Pacific Ocean, and in doing so, achieve MULTIPLE WORLD RECORDS.



The Pacific Terrific 3 are the very first to cross the ocean by rowing boat, and the youngest 3x crew ever to attempt any ocean on earth. No female crew has ever won the Great Pacific race before, and we set out to change this too, seeking a podium position in the Great Pacific Race, setting a brand new world record as the first 3x crew in history to row the Pacific Ocean, and breaking a world record as the youngest 3x ever to row any ocean on earth.

More people have been to the Moon or climbed Everest than rowed an ocean. There are not many true world firsts remaining in this age of adventure, and as women to have the opportunity to be very first is even rarer. Participation in outdoor activities by women and girls is significantly lower than by men and boys, and within the realm of expeditions, history and records books, this is starkly evident. As 3 women of diverse backgrounds and experiences we stand to show that there is no set shape or form to determine success, no prerequisites or exclusions. With sheer determination and motivation, coupled with the incredible fortune of opportunity, anything can be accomplished by anyone.

The crew rowed in relentlessly rolling shift pattern of 3 hours on and off the oars, rowing more than 12 hours a day, at times alone, until we reached Hawaii. A huge number of tasks including navigation, desalination of sea water to drink, swimming mid-Pacific to clean the hull of the rowing boat and many more consumed our non-rowing hours. We faced sleep deprivation, 30ft waves, blisters, potential capsizes and dangers from sharks and whales.


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Physical fitness was key, but we always believed that true success would lie in mental strength. Each of us come from adventuring backgrounds, have overcome numerous challenges and succeeded against adversity. This gave us immense collective determination, drive, resilience, tenacity and self-belief.

We have absolute belief too in the value of what we have strived to promote through our achievement, not for ourselves but for a legacy of positive impact that we hope will continue to give long after our time on the oars has finished.

A legacy of inspiration, and change for good. 





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